Zeniadapoetry & art magazine

Zeniada is an intercollegiate poetry and art magazine based at Johns Hopkins University.

Read our Spring 2018 issue here.


Zeniada accepts poetry (including prose poetry) and artwork. All submissions are judged anonymously. Anyone who is enrolled in an undergraduate program for the current school year is welcome to submit.

Zeniada is currently seeking submissions for Fall 2018. Please email poetry and artwork to submit@zeniada.com.

Submission Guidelines

  1. The subject of your email should be the category of your work (i.e. "Poetry" or "Art").
  2. In the body of the email, please include:
    • Your name
    • Your expected year of graduation
    • The name of the undergraduate school you currently attend
    • If you're submitting artwork, the medium/media used
    • Any special instructions or comments regarding your work

  3. If you are submitting poetry, please attach your work as a Word document. Your name, school, or any other type of identification should not appear anywhere in this document.

Any questions regarding submissions can be sent to ask@zeniada.com.


The positions listed below are currently open for the Fall 2018 semester. Applicants must be currently pursuing an undergraduate degree at Johns Hopkins University.

  • Editor: attends weekly meetings (1 to 1.5 hours long) to review, discuss, and select submissions. May be required to read said submissions outside of meetings.

  • Finance Manager: responsible for keeping track of Zeniada’s budget as well as all other financially-related tasks, including applying for grants, handling purchases of magazines or workshop materials, and recording those purchases.

  • Communications Manager: Sends informational/promotional emails to relevant departments at other universities. Responsible for sending individualized decision emails to submitters for each issue.

  • Marketing Manager: runs all social media for Zeniada, particularly the Facebook page. Responsible for creating and inviting students to Facebook events (such as submission events or workshop events); adding promotional graphics/messages to the Facebook page; and submitting posts to the Daily Announcements and distributing flyers across campus.

Apply for positions here.

Contact ask@zeniada.com with any questions.

Past Issues

Past online issues are available here:

Print versions of Zeniada are available for free on the Johns Hopkins campus (as well as for purchase on Amazon).


  • Allison Jiang

    Allison JiangEditor-in-Chief

    Allison is a sophomore Writing Seminars major from Holmdel, New Jersey. Her favorite food is pasta, and her favorite television show is Broad City.
  • Alan Fang

    Alan FangSenior Editor

    Alan is a sophomore Writing Seminars major from Westfield, New Jersey who enjoys the Beat Generation, strawberries, existential philosophy, and bubble tea, among other things.
  • Joel Bangerter

    Joel BangerterEditor

    Joel is a Sophomore English major from Utah. He enjoys reading, knitting, and walking his dog, Goosey.
  • Nicola Sumi Kim

    Nicola Sumi KimEditor

    Sumi is a Writing Seminars / Global Environmental Change and Sustainability major who lives in London, UK. She's mostly interested in writing, The Beatles, and finally perfecting playing her kazoo (she's not close).
  • Grace Takeda

    Grace Takeda Editor

    Grace is a Writing Seminars major from California who enjoys writing, reading, playing the piano and violin, and listening to Phoenix in her spare time.
  • Vivian Tsai

    Vivian TsaiLayout, Webmaster

    Vivian studies computer science and applied math. When she's not busy throwing shade at writer's block, she's eating food, quoting Star Wars, or listening to the Hamilton soundtrack nonstop.